How It Works

Expense8 is a simple and user friendly Travel & Expense Management solution. We tailor our solution to your exact organisational needs, working in tandem with your business systems and requirements.

Expense8 is designed on a Software as a Service (SaaS) based platform, saving you money on software licensing, server maintenance, and storage. Expense8 consists of three core modules:


Expense Management

Expense8 reduces time spent on the reconciliation process by efficiently managing your corporate expenses through a simple and user friendly interface. Your employees are guided through an easy to understand process that eliminates the need for any knowledge of finance or tax.


Corporate Travel

The Corporate Travel module allows employees to plan, book, and reconcile travel expenses using a single solution. Combining pre-trip approval, an Online Booking Tool, and an Expense Management Solution, this module saves your employees time and effort when organising travel.


Intelligence Reporting

The Business Intelligence Reporting Service (BIRS) module provides your business with tailored reports that deliver accurate data insights. Our BIRS module allows you the flexibility to create reports that are simple, error free, and add real value to your organisation.

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Why Choose Us

Since 1997, Expense8 has been used by government agencies, large corporations, and multinationals, globally. We pride ourselves on being experts in our field, improving efficiency and productivity with Expense Management solutions that make a difference to your organisation.


Return on Investment

icon-1 More control over the reconciliation process, resulting in less policy exception.
icon-2 Reducing the hours spent on Travel & Expense management processes.
icon-3 An increase of up to 25% employee satisfaction, resulting in greater employee compliance.

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  • I have always experienced a high level of Customer Support and with that comes the expectation that it will always be so. We have received exceptional support in a time when both parties have little time to spare. This support has shown: An understanding of our new & complex GL which has taken most people in the business a lot longer! – Great teamwork & team management – Great prioritisation skills – Overwhelming desire to ‘get it right’ from the business point of view.

    Linda Graham

    Systems Development Accountant
    Amcor Australasia

  • For the past 10+ years, we have been happy Expense8 customers. Expense8 saves all of the government Transport agencies hours in time. Any company that is looking to minimize the time and effort spent on reconciling expenses, need look no further. The Expense8 Team are always helpful and are there for me and my employees.

    John Sullings

    Travel & Expense Management Manager
    Transport for NSW

  • Expense8 may have a new name and look, it’s simple and easy to operate and update, for example if I want to change user rights or cost centres, it is something that I easily can do at the click of my mouse. Expense8 makes Expense Management a less time-consuming task. As for the Expense8 Support Team, they do a fantastic job at helping us out with any queries we have and promptly.

    Jerry Kangalis

    Senior Finance Officer - Credit
    RMIT University

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