Expense8 saves your organisation
valuable time and money
on the expense reconciliation process.

Expense Management

Expense8 is a simple and user friendly Travel & Expense Management solution. We tailor our solution to your exact organisational needs, working in tandem with your business systems and requirements.


Easy-to-Navigate Dashboard

Instant Access

With our easy-to-navigate dashboard you will have instant access to important functions from the very beginning.


The visual design of Expense8 is clean and simple. The reduction in information, results in less visual noise, which means you will complete tasks quicker.


Designed with fewer button clicks, less work is required of you. The steps you must take to complete a task are obvious and intuitive.



Simple Tax Wizard

Complex Taxation Rules

The Expense8 Tax Wizard accommodates even the most complex taxation rules, ranging from simple sales taxes to a matrix of tax deductions.

Automatable Tax Decisions

The Tax Wizard automatically and accurately determines the tax applicability of expenses, based on your specific tax rules and requirements.

Tax Documentation

Tax Documents are stored against expenses as part of the reconciliation process. Whenever you need to audit expenses, all information is gathered in one place



Effortless Connectivity


Tailored Rules

Enforce valid combinations of ERP Codes, e.g. certain Account Codes matched with certain Cost Centres. This ensures that your employees can reconcile expenses according to the rules, without knowing them in detail.

Multiple Master Data Feed

The Tax Wizard automatically and accurately deter mines the tax applicability of expenses, based on your specific tax rules and requirements.

Reconciliation Reports

Automatically produce reports to assist with the end of month reconciliation and balancing processes. This function saves you valuable time that can be spent elsewhere.

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