Expense8 and QBT Sponsor NT Gov Chief Minister’s Awards


Figure 1: Pictured above from left Ross Appleton (QBT);Michael Roseth (italk library); Edwin Edlund (Parks and Wildlife); Mark Crummy (Parks and Wildlife); Nick Gonios (expense8); Joel Carter (Parks and Wildlife); Dr Anne Walters (Parks and Wildlife) and Adam Giles (Chief Minister of the NT)

Chief Minister’s Award for Innovation in the Public Sector 2015

Expense8 and QBT sponsored the Northern Territory Government’s Chief Ministers Awards for Excellence in the Public Sector for 2015 last Friday on the 27th of November. Held annually, these awards provide Northern Territory public sector work teams and individuals to be recognised and celebrated for their continuous improvement, commitment, outstanding performance and innovation.

Nick Gonios, Chief Operating Officer for 8Common and Ross Appleton, National Sales and Government Relations Manager for QBT  presented the award for Innovation in the Public Sector to the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the NT. They were awarded for their innovative initiative “Be Crocwise”, an animated video and social media campaign. Developed in multiple indigenous languages (Anandilayakwa, Kriol,  Murrinh-Patha, Tiwi, Yolngu) and English, this initiative aimed at reducing the risk of crocodile attacks in the Northern Territory through public education, engagement of remote communities and active crocodile management.

Nick Gonios, Group COO of 8common and Head of Expense8 said, “It was with great pleasure to present the Innovation Award in the public sector at NT Government’s Excellence Awards.  We continue to work together and support NT Government across a range of transformative initiatives.  Again, I’d like to congratulate the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the NT for the well-deserved win and congratulations to all the other nominees.”

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